HRDiplomacy developed the following tools for diplomats and HRDs:

  • For EuroMed Rights:  "Toolkit - Raising Human Rights Concerns in Egypt, Key Messages and Counter-narratives" (June 2022).  This toolkit was positively evaluated by Cairo-based diplomats.  (Available on request.)  Additional resources related to trial monitoring and to "good practices" of diplomats in protecting HRDs in other countries are being developed.
  • For Amnesty International, a tool for diplomats and HRDs alike:  a manual on how to organize a workshop bringing together EU diplomats and HRDs aiming to increase and improve diplomats' protection of HRDs through the implementation of the EU Guidelines on Human Rights Defenders.  In practice, such workshops not only involved diplomats from the EU, but also from "like-minded" countries having HRD protection policies, such as Canada, Norway, Switzerland, the UK and the US.
  • For Amnesty International:  a handbook for diplomats on attending trials involving HRDs in Russia.  On the basis of interviews with Russian HRDs and lawyers and experienced diplomats, the handbook recommends the types of trials which diplomats should prioritize and ways they can make their work as effective as possible, ensuring positive outcomes for HRDs.  The handbook received positive evaluations from diplomats.
  • For Front Line Defenders, a protection handbook for human rights defenders "The European Union:  What it can do, getting it to take action."  (February 2016).
  • For EuroMed Rights, a training guide and advocacy toolkit for HRDs from the Middle East and North Africa lobbying the EU and EU member states.