Based in The Hague, HRDiplomacy works to help ensure a safe working environment for human rights defenders (HRDs) by promoting action by diplomats and the countries they represent to support and protect them.  HRDiplomacy pursues this goal by:
    • Designing and facilitating workshops that bring diplomats and local HRDs together to discuss how HRDs can best be supported and protected by diplomats and their countries.

    • Developing tools for diplomats to support them in their efforts to support and protect HRDs; conducting workshops to discuss and practice using these tools.

    • Raising HRDs' awareness of policies of the EU and a number of individual countries and of how they can practically go about getting support and protection from diplomats; supporting HRDs in formulating and conveying requests for support to diplomats.

    • Evaluating or assessing the implementation of policies and projects to support and protect civil society organizations and HRDs and making recommendations for improvement.

    • Identifying and documenting "good practices" in diplomats' protection of HRDs and raising awareness of such practices.
"...thank you very much for all the work you have been doing, I have learned a lot from it." - the human rights specialist at a European embassy in Cairo, July 2022.
"The...workshop provided an excellent opportunity for networking and learning about each other's needs." - European Union, EU Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World 2018, in relation to a workshop in Moscow involving diplomats and Russian human rights defenders facilitated by HRDiplomacy. 
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